Budget Travel – Enjoy Your Time and Save Your Money


travelersTraveling the world is almost synonymous to spending large amounts of money. This is close to the truth, if you are a conventional traveler, not looking under the carpet for the hidden options that do not stand out in a world fed by commercial ads. Reality offers a much wider pallet of traveling options than most of us know and consider, and the commercial way, the common way of traveling is only one of those ways, and by far the most expansive type.

While an idea such as an “island vacation” almost immediately raises thoughts of expansive high-end resorts, taken from credit card commercials, there is another way. Island hopping is possible with local fisherman and boat or yacht owners of any kind, not only with the big cruise ships and expansive ferries. Luxurious hotels on amazing looking islands are truly expansive in a way most of us cannot afford. There is a simple solution for that.

travelCouch-surfing is an incredible service which offers you lists of tens of thousands of people from all over the world, including the smallest islands around. Those people have one thing in common, and that is a strong sense of hospitality. You can stay in their houses for free, paying back with your presence. They do not wish to be paid. Couch-surfing has no conditions or rules other than the common rules of mutual respect between you and your host. This is an amazing option not many people are aware of, and it is a way to save a lot of money while you travel.

Another way to save a buck while going on the road is using hostels instead of hotels. Going on island hotels is usually the most expansive option for traveling. Hostels on the other hand will provide you with a warm bed and the good company of other enthusiastic travelers for a lower price. People do not know hostels enough, and only the youth which is traveling the world knows enough about this option. Here and there you can spot families, couples, or single adults in the reception desk of some hostel taking a room, yet it is still rather rare.

Another good option that you should keep in mind is that traveling is available world-wide and every time of the year. People tend to travel in herds, in the holiday season and common vacation times. It is the same in every nation and all over the world. The truth is that you can travel when ever you please, and not only when travel agencies advertise ads to remind you that it is time. By traveling late in the season, you will have a better pick at locations that in high season where very expansive and now you can easily afford.

Traveling requires advanced planning and these easy to follow travel tips can make any trip more enjoyable. Being prepared can help travelers avoid many frustrating situations. Have a smart plan when flying, plan your packing, and have a home security plan. With today’s busy airports and increased security, it is crucial to come to any airport well prepared. Start and finish your vacation on a good note. Take time before any flight to ensure that you have a great trip by following these simple tips.

Travel: Enjoyment Comes With Planning

dracula-castle-tourCarry-on Bag – Always have prescriptions with you. Be aware that toiletries and other liquids can break and leak in the non-pressurized luggage compartments. A spare set of clothes can also be helpful when making connecting flights. Lost luggage can take 24 to 48 hours to catch up to you.

Airplane Air Quality – Cabin pressurized air is sometimes thinner than “sea-level” and always very dry which can leave passengers dehydrated. Have plenty of water on hand. Some passengers feel “tired” during and after flights due to thin, dry air.

Safety – Familiarize yourself with your seat location on the airplane relative to the exits. Read all safety information provided by the airline. Count and memorize the number of seat backs to the nearest exit in the event that cabin visibility is reduced.

Be sure to pack smart. Ever taken twice as much as you needed on a trip? Packing for any vacation no matter how short requires good planning and organization. If you leave packing until the last minute chances are you will be frustrated later. Help anticipate problems before they occur by following these tips.