4 Tips for Who Wants to Invest in a Playground

If you are director of a condominium, school, restaurant or other commercial establishment and decided to invest in a playground, congratulations! It is certainly a great choice that adds even more value to your business by providing the fun of the little ones and the tranquility of the parents.

To help you, in the post today we separate 4 essential tips for you to invest in a playground safely and avoiding future headaches:

Tip 1: Choose an appropriate and safe location

The first tip is you set the best location of the playground. First, he must stay in a safe place, away from garages, areas with pools or ponds, and preferably be surrounded to prevent children from leaving the area discreetly.

Check also:

whether the site is closed or open;

if the floor is level, as there can be no deformations. It also needs to have a shock cushion, like sand, synthetic grass or rubberized floor);

if the playground is in an open place, check that there are no obstacles that could jeopardize the safety of small children.

Tip 2: When investing in a playground, set the age bracket

The choice of toys is directly proportional to the age range of the school children, the condominium or the commercial establishment.

For security reasons, there are two lines of playground contractor singapore related to two age groups: a row for children from 0 to 6 years and another line dedicated to children up to 12 years of age.

So be aware of the age group of the audience and offer the most appropriate options. If the age of the children reaches the two ranges, two suitable and safe spaces can be offered.

Tip 3: Remember that cheap raw material can cost a lot

When investing in a playground, be very careful when choosing which material, it will be made from. That’s because depending on location, age group and other factors, cheap can be expensive.

Basically, a children’s playground contractor singapore is made with 4 types of material:

  •        iron;
  •        wood;
  •        plastic;
  •        plastic wood.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages and must always undergo constant maintenance and inspection to ensure the safety of the children. But now that the best cost-benefit to invest in a playground is undoubtedly in the plastic playground.

This material is produced from the recycling of various types of plastic, whose processing and pigmentation results in a very solid material and very similar to wood. To learn more about this material, visit this post for more details.

Tip 4: Make a budget with companies that meet ABNT standards

This tip is extremely important, because in this case the cheap can also be expensive. When investing in a playground, always make sure that the company complies with all norms and recommendations of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), which also has a specific NBR for playground safety.

Here are some examples of these standards:

In addition to this daily inspection by the owner of the playground, it is recommended that a technical survey be performed every 6 months, in addition to a survey with technical responsibility that should be done annually.

The floor of the playground should be shock-resistant and must be level.

Toy parts should be welded and lubricated whenever necessary, and all nuts and bolts should always be tight.

The toys must be at least 1.30 m apart from each other.

For more complete information on the ABNT standards in the construction of playgrounds, read our full text on the subject.

By following all 4 tips for investing in a playground, surely many headaches will be avoided and your customers, residents and students will make the most of this investment!