Games for playgrounds

Being able to play is one of the most vital tasks for children and essential for their healthy development. In this way the child will have the opportunity to develop emotionally, intellectually and socially.

With the game children have the opportunity to express themselves and communicate with those around them and have new experiences. One of the places in which children have the opportunity to do so is in local urban parks.

Being able to go out to play in the park with our friends is an activity that has been enjoyed for years. Both children today and those who are older, we enjoy those moments of healthy recreation.

Many studies have shown that children become more productive when they perform outdoor activities. That is why it is important that our parks have good furniture and play areas for them.

Games for parks

Games or children’s areas are special places for children to enjoy various recreational activities. These places must be subjected to a series of security measures to maintain the protection of children.

Each games must be placed with the idea that all children can have easy access to them. And mainly it is easy to use for everyone including children.

Each of these game elements have different designs and ways of use for attracting children. Here we show some of the most common games you can find in the playgrounds of a park.


The rocker or known as up and down is a long metal bar with seats at its end. This structure is supported at its midpoint, to generate the movement up and down.

The goal is for children with similar weights to sit on each side and push themselves with their feet. This type of game constitutes traditional fun and we can find it in almost all parks.


The swing consists of a seat that can be made of metal or wooden structure with chains to it. His entertainment occurs when the child sits and propels by swinging back and forth.

Normally there will always be one or more of these games in the parks, hanging from the same structure. In this way children can enjoy both alone and with also friends in this traditional children’s game.


This is a construction of recreational character, which consists of a sliding ramp with stairs to access it. Children climb the stairs and can slide from the surface of the game to the bottom.

The word slide comes from the English word “Toboggan” referring to a sled to slide in the snow. There are different types of slides with different shapes, and heights for the fun of those who visit them.


Children can climb to the top of the game and slide in this game diagonally. Like many other structures, this is one of the most traditional games in parks.