How To Increase The Safety Of Our Children In The Park?

Playgrounds are one of the places where our children spend most time playing. Hence the importance of these areas should be safe. Although each park has a maintenance system, any adult can check the good condition of it.

From Prosegur we encourage you to verify that the place where we take our children to play meets the requirements to avoid any incident.

As far as park safety is concerned, we must pay special attention to the surfaces, structure and arrangement of the elements of the playground:

Surfaces: they must be soft and thick enough to cushion a possible fall of the child. Concrete, asphalt or pavement should give way to sand, gravel, crushed rubber, wood shavings or rubber coatings. It is important that we also make sure that there are no objects that the child can trip over.

Structure and arrangement facilities. They are divided into three different groups according to age: children under 2 years, children from 2 to 5 years (preschool) and children from 5 to 12 years (school). All play areas must be marked with an information panel where the age ranges are specified. Given these distinctions, young children should not access facilities designed for older children and vice versa.

Swings and rockers with moving parts will be located in different area and independent of the rest of the park’s facilities. In addition, these moving parts should not have points where the child can pinch their hands or fingers.

There should be no spaces between steps, bars or railings where the child can be trapped.

Climbing nets must have appropriate openings so that the child does not slip through them nor can they get caught.

Maintenance and inspection. We must make sure that everything is clean and in optimum condition for its use:

The fences surrounding the park must be in good condition to prevent the child from running to unprotected areas.

The material with which the floor is covered must remain well preserved and cover all the play areas.

The elements with which the park facilities have been manufactured must be resistant and not subject to damage due to the climate. Of course, all the pieces must be stable and well fixed. In the case of finding broken pieces, we must immediately notify the children that it is not allowed to play in that area.

If the park has a limited area to play with sand, we must check that there are no dangerous objects, such as sharp sticks, cans or glass fragments.

Once we have verified that the park meets all the security conditions for our children, it is only to enjoy them.