One in three swings in playgrounds in Spain does not meet safety standards, according to a study by Eroski Consumer. We will give you some tips to prevent accidents in playgrounds.

Location: Choose a park that is located in a safe place, away from traffic and that has a fenced enclosure so your baby can not leave it. In addition, it is convenient that the playground is close to home in case it is necessary to change, you need to go to the bathroom, it starts to rain, etc.  

Accesses: It is also recommended that you can easily access the park with the cart or the baby chair. Banks or areas intended for parents should allow you to keep track of your little one at any time.

Facilities: The playing surface must be made of a soft material such as rubber, grass or sand. The swings have to be suitable for your baby’s age and be in optimal maintenance conditions, without loose anchors, corners or cutting elements, paint that comes off, etc.

Hygiene: Besides the conservation, it is important that the playground has good cleaning. This includes that there is no litter, dog droppings, crystals, wires, cigarette butts or other dangerous objects on the surface on which the children play or buried in it.

Health: Parks that are located too close to road traffic or industrial areas, your baby will breathe contaminated air. Also, if it is rained you should check that the ground is not flooded, and there is no standing water in the swings and also the surfaces do not slip.

Users: It is convenient that the children who play together have similar ages, for this some parks have differentiated zones. Keep in mind that older children can hurt young children unintentionally with their energetic games, or they can get bored if they are not allowed to participate.

In addition to choosing the appropriate playground, you should adopt some additional precautions. Dress your baby with clothes that are not too loose or have laces or belts that can be hooked on slides, seesaws, etc. Remove necklaces, bracelets, medals and other items that may be lost or cause accidents and teach him to use the swings with caution, respecting the shifts, the rules of the game and other users.