Creating a playground is a task that often requires a plus of creativity. The design does not always prevail, the functionality that we pretend that the park in question is important is also important.

The most important factor when creating a playground is the space we have for it is what we will call surface or play area.

It is common to see parks that include many games in little space, it is a practice that should not be done, as each game has a safe distance that must be met, in case of doubt always consult with specialized companies such as Equidesa for the construction of your park since they will comply with current regulations for this type of facility.

A very important fact when configuring the park is the age of the users, it is not the same to create a park for children from 0 to 3 years, that a park for children over 3 years, the elements of the same parks will delimit the use of this. For example, access to the game will be different depending on the age.


A standard park should include at least: a set with slide, a swing with 2 seats, (we recommend one for babies), 1 or 2 springs and a lever. This would be the most common park in any park in our localities and would be one of the most complete options for games for children.

Manufacturer of playgrounds

If we want to simplify the park we could change the set with a slide for an individual slide and include or duplicate some element. This type of park, for example, is valid if we have less space. We recommend using children’s fencing to delimit the parks, in this way we create a perimeter where children can be better controlled.

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Another interesting option is to centralize all the activity in a single set, nowadays there is a great variety of sets that include many elements of game such as: climbing, slide, fire brigade, swings, climbing, etc … This option is good if you do not have a very large area to install the park.

Playground setup

It is increasingly common to find mixed areas that combine singapore playground supplier and sports areas for children. These areas include the typical equipment of a park and other elements such as multisport or multifunction tracks where different team sports can be practiced. These types of parks are very common in leisure parks and restoration areas.

Multisport track

When we create a park we have to take into account that not all children can use a device or another either by age or mobility, it is increasingly common to find accessible and adapted singapore playground supplier for children with disabilities or parks that include areas for children 3 years old In this example we can see elements for over 3 years and for children under 3 years, for example the swing.

Inclusive parks

We can also create configurations with elements for children under 3 years, these parks are widely used in day care centers and have elements adapted to their age and the motor and sensory abilities of children of that age. They usually have interactive games and very eye-catching elements. For example, in this park that we show you below are included game trees.

Small children’s parks

Every day we find less green areas in large cities and we must maximize the activities that can be done in them. It is very common to find parks that include healthy sports areas that include elements of calisthenics / Street workout or biosaludables apparatuses.

Bio Saludable devices

A trend that takes much in recent years is the thematization of playgrounds, for example you can create parks with the theme of children’s stories, in these examples we show you the little house of the three little pigs and the set of Little Red Riding Hood of Equidesa.