Playing is not only a fundamental right, but should be the main activity of every child. To entice the children to leave the house, preferring to afternoons of video games and television hours of active and group Playground Repair Singapore, seems to be an increasingly ambitious goal. It is with this awareness that many municipalities, conceiving the playground repair singapore as a place for socializing, sharing and creativity, are therefore working to create “maxi-parks” in a single central area of the city or the country. The characteristic of these new parks? The high level playground repair singapore equipment, aimed at different age groups but above all usable by everyone, even by children with motor disabilities. In this context, the choice of games is not easy, and this is why the realization of these areas is more and more often preceded by the consultation of experts in the sector. But how do we know if the proposal that is made to us is suited to our needs? Here are 5 points to follow to make sure that the playground repair singapore is the best possible for our public park.

1 – Usability and “range” of age
No play for children of 0-3 years.First of all we must be aware of the profile of who will go to the park once it is finished. To do this we can, for example, inform ourselves about the average age of children in our country or go around the city parks. This is very useful for buying targeted games, so that they are not too difficult or trivial. The playground repair singapore should not only be fun, but must also encourage the development of the child’s motor skills, while at the same time stimulating their imagination. Furthermore, creating group games situations is a great way to break down social barriers. In a game, in short, we must look for a pedagogical content, not just apparent entertainment.


2 – Playground repair singapore Materials and maintenance
When buying, it is very useful to pay attention to the choice of materials. In case the games are made of wood, to avoid rot, it is preferable to rest on a steel base instead of directly on the ground. It is always good to avoid playing with multilayer components such as panels and seats, as they are not very durable and easily chipped. Let’s not forget that wood is a material that requires repeated maintenance over the years. With the choice of games built with some parts in steel or aluminum and with panels and roofs in HDPE or other plastic materials, maintenance costs must be completely eliminated.

3 – Accessibility and INCLUSIVE games
the Child – Unicef states: “States Parties recognize the right of the child to engage in playground repair singapore and recreational activities appropriate to his age, respect and promote the right of the child. child to participate fully in cultural and artistic life and encourage the organization of appropriate means of entertainment and recreational, artistic and cultural activities. ”

However, not all children are allowed to play. Many of them need only a swing ride to free the imagination, but for others an inch too much represents an insurmountable obstacle. Prepare inclusive playground repair singapore equipment It is of fundamental importance in a park that must encourage the aggregation of children and break down the social barriers against which we fight every day. It is also for this reason that the recently created games provide full use by all children, even those with motor disabilities. ¬†Quality approved.For example, the one presented below has been specifically designed to guarantee maximum accessibility. “Il Pellicano” is a game made in such a way that on most of its surface can also wheelchairs circulate. This is made possible by the convenient access and exit ramps and the handrails along the entire route. Inside there are also numerous completion games that can be used by anyone, such as trio, drums and blackboards.

4 – Anti-trauma flooring
Another very important aspect, playground repair singapore a regulatory level but also from the point of view of safety, is the anti-trauma flooring. They are usually placed at the base of the equipment and can be divided into:

rounded gravel granulometry 2-8mm;
anti-trauma rubber to tile or cast in place.

Playground repair singapore is important to know that you do not need flooring all those games that have a fall height of up to 1 meter, for which according to the norm the lawn is sufficient. This allows you to save money and invest more in the purchase of games. This does not mean that, if necessary, you can always pave with the anti-trauma rubber even at a later time. Today, like today, the preferred anti-trauma flooring (but also the most expensive) remains cast rubber, which allows you to have a uniform surface from which you can also draw designs such as stars, flowers, animals in the most varied colors; it is then highly draining, it does not deposit waste like sand or gravel, it does not show cracks and maintains an excellent elasticity over time, without maintenance. Another detail of worthy importance:

5 – TUV Certifications – EN 1776
Playground repair singapore is very important that the games comply with the European regulations EN1176 (on each game the conformity plate must appear). This legislation ensures that, in addition to the guarantees of tightness of the materials and the control of the safety areas of the game, the game is constructed in such a way as to avoid risks such as entrapment of the head, arms and legs.

As you have noticed, the choice of playground repair Singapore equipment to be placed in a public park is not simple, and goes beyond the aesthetic aspect alone. This is why, as initially said, every local or private administration should first evaluate, with the help of an expert, the various possibilities of realization and only then proceed with the purchase and assembly. If we all follow these simple rules, only quality parks would be built, not quantity ones.