Three Trends of Playground Games For Parks

Children’s outdoor games are part of a growing trend in our country aimed at creating, rescuing and modernizing public spaces with new street furniture. Singapore playground equipment meets current standards of functionality, safety and design.

In addition, in urban areas where more and more rooms are being built, the areas dedicated to health, sports and children’s games are an added value offered by some real estate companies to ensure their sales in such a competitive market.

However, the playgrounds for gardens and parks that are currently installed must meet the following elements in accordance with the new urbanization Singapore playground equipment:


The concern for child safety in modern society is greater than it was twenty years ago. Traditional rusted games, covered with lead paint and heavy metal, are being displaced by new concepts of Singapore playground equipment.

Children’s games are sought with designs that contemplate height according to the age of children, Singapore playground equipment are made of new materials such as rotomolded recycled plastic, aluminum, wood, HPL panels and high-density polyethylene, as well as steel with anti-rust protection, instead of the traditional tubes. The flush of the ground is also taken care of where the game is placed, that nowadays is covered with tartan or other innovations like the artificial turf antistatic.


In addition to the traditional and fun games such as swings, slides, ups and downs or climbers, there are sets of children’s games on the Singapore playground equipment that also include the development of motor skills of coordination, early stimulation and creativity. The games must be made with durable materials that can adapt to small spaces.

Change of habits

The creation of a culture of health and physical activation is encouraged through these children’s games, which are also an alternative to electronic entertainment such as video games. According to the Ministry of Health, three out of every ten Mexican children between zero and fourteen years of age suffer from obesity, and an estimated 50,000 children join this statistic every year. The World Health Organization has cataloged this state of health as “the epidemic of the 21st century”.

Due to the above, a growth of the market of playgrounds for gardens and parks is expected. Do not hesitate to consult among our suppliers the most avant-garde designs and trends.