What Should I Know Before Installing a Children’s Playground?

The playtime can be even more fun with the installation of a children’s playground in schools. In addition to stimulating the child’s motor and social skills, the playful moment is the opportunity for students to be in contact with an outdoor environment and often with nature.

Deploying projects like this becomes, increasingly, an attractive differential for those parents who want, in addition to good learning, the promotion of safety and activities that stimulate the creativity and well-being of their children.

So if you are a school manager, you need to give some guidance on what to look for when planning a children’s singapore playground equipment at your institution. Follow us!

Promote harmony

Fights between children, due to toys, will be commonplace – both at home and at school. After all, they are learning to control their own limits and emotions, understanding what is right / wrong, and also understanding the first notions of sharing.

It is difficult, at this stage, to maintain patience and understanding, to give way to the colleague. These skills are developed as society comes into being. So, the children’s playground at school is so important.

When planning a children’s playground installation at your school, the options for toys and the number of students should be calculated by the managers. This care ensures that all students can play and still avoid conflicts between children.

Choose the right toys

During their development, children learn innumerable skills, such as balance and motor coordination. With each new year of life, many factors can change the experiences of the little ones, so the age group is an extremely important issue and one that should be considered when choosing toys.

Make a survey of the students the school has, the classes and ages of the children. For security reasons, the children’s playground should be different from the playground for children over 6, for example.

There are options for toys that stimulate children’s motor coordination and creativity, presenting notions of space, speed, and time – according to the stage of development in which they are. Aspects such as floor, height and distance of toys should also be studied. Larger children need a floor with more cushioning than smaller ones, for example.

Keep an eye on safety rules

At play time, children only think of running and jumping – leaving notions of danger aside. Unfortunately, a large number of children get hurt in the playgrounds, especially when those spaces do not follow safety rules .

Since 2012, NBR 16701 , from the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), specifies the safety requirements for children’s singapore playground equipment. According to the standard, regular cleaning and maintenance are provided, technical inspections every six months by qualified professionals, as well as attention to the floor (which must cushion falls of up to three meters) and the quality of the material of the toys, against the risks of barbs and nails, for example.

Study the ABNT document before investing in the playground to make sure you are following the right procedures. Prior to the installation of the toy, the floor and the space available must be checked by a specialist.

Remember that the chosen supplier must guarantee certified toys – both by ABNT and by other regulatory bodies (INMETRO).

Invest in monitors for the children’s playground

Leaving children unaccompanied is not a good idea. The presence of a responsible adult is critical to avoiding accidents, providing relief, containing conflict, and even assisting children who need help in activities.

Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a team of professionals – which can be formed by teachers and supervisors. This helps maintain space security and support children during break time. In addition, with the monitoring , the students have a more organized recreation, with safe and well structured play.

Bet on innovative materials

A great differential to your school’s playground can be, also, the choice of material. To make the investment worthwhile, bet on a durable and safe product, like plastic wood.

The plastic wood is 100% recycled material, produced with vegetable fibers and plastic waste. The result is a product that looks just like natural wood, which can be dyed the color you prefer (during the manufacturing process), thus dispensing with paints and other chemicals – such as varnish.

This material offers a number of advantages. One of the main benefits is that it is resistant to changes in weather, that is, it does not suffer changes with heat, cold or rain. By not absorbing moisture the plastic wood presents some advantages, such as:

  •        Do not soak, dilate, gild or corrode;
  •        It does not attract insects and rodents;
  •        It is free from problems like mold or fungus;
  •        The material is safe and contains no splinters, which can hurt children

In addition, the maintenance of a plastic wooden toy is very simple. To clean, just use water and soap, which do the job well and do not affect the quality of the product.

A key point in choosing this material for your school is to teach children the importance of making responsible choices as well as caring for the environment. By acquiring a 100% sustainable product, the school serves as an example and aids in the formation of more conscious citizens.

Look for a quality, certified supplier who can offer you the best toys and provide a reliable / specialized team for installation and maintenance.

In the interval between classes, the children’s playground is the best friend of children, fundamental for the socialization and development of the little ones. With happy and healthy children, the learning process is facilitated. This activity model simply can not be missed in your school!